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Groupe Mutuel today

As a leading healthcare insurance provider in French-speaking Switzerland, the Groupe Mutuel, Association d’assureurs, with 1.4 million clients insured by its four healthcare insurers, ranks 2nd in Switzerland. Also active in occupational pension benefits (LPP/BVG) and life insurance, it provides a full range of insurance products for personal insurance.

Close to 1.21 million people have contracted basic health coverage with a Groupe Mutuel basic health insurance plan (AOS/OKP – compulsory insurance). With the addition of insureds holding only private supplemental insurance, the total number of clients is even higher with 1.4 million people. Nearly 17,000 companies in every sector of activity place their trust in Groupe Mutuel insurers for their insurance contracts covering daily allowance, accident insurance and occupational pension benefits. Turnover of all the member companies of the association exceeds 4.4 billion francs, with more than 3.5 billion for the healthcare sector. In this field, Groupe Mutuel insurers provide a full range of compulsory healthcare insurance benefits, together with supplemental insurance. Groupe Mutuel also administers two occupational benefit foundations, Groupe Mutuel Prévoyance GMP, which is active throughout Switzerland, and Mutuelle Valaisanne de Prévoyance intended for businesses in Canton Valais. Lastly, Groupe Mutuel Vie GMV SA is active in the life insurance sector.
With its different companies, Groupe Mutuel, Association d’assureurs is therefore a global insurer with the ability to meet the needs of both individuals and companies.

National presence
Groupe Mutuel pursues its activities in five service centres: Martigny, the head office, Sion (VS), Lausanne (VD), Villars-sur-Glâne (FR) and Oerlikon (ZH). This decentralised presence is supplemented by 35 local and regional neighbourhood agencies throughout Switzerland.
Groupe Mutuel employs around 1,900 staff members to manage the substantial development of its client base. Each year, Groupe Mutuel also welcomes around thirty apprentices, candidates for a vocational school-leaving certificate and interns.

When it comes to communication and information technologies, Groupe Mutuel is currently setting up a latest generation platform which will allow it to meet the constantly evolving needs of its work and management processes. Ultimately, these commitments and investments have one single aim: to satisfy our insured members.


Groupe Mutuel, Association d'assureurs
Groupe Mutuel, Association d’assureurs, brings together a number of independent institutions active in healthcare and accident insurance, occupational benefits and life insurance. Created in 1993, Groupe Mutuel has roots dating well back in time because it took over the Sociétés de Secours Mutuels (Mutual Support Societies), the first of which was set up in Saint-Maurice (VS) in 1852.
Groupe Mutuel puts its administrative infrastructure and employees at the disposal of its different companies which are legally independent and possess their own respective corporate management bodies. This pooling of resources creates useful synergies from which all partner companies benefit. The mission of Groupe Mutuel is to defend interests and to manage its affiliated health insurers that offer compulsory health insurance: Mutuel Assurance Maladie SA, Philos Assurance Maladie SA, Avenir Assurance Maladie SA, EasySana Assurance Maladie SA and AMB Assurance-maladie et accidents. It also manages private insurers that provide supplemental insurance plans: Groupe Mutuel Assurances GMA SA and Mutuel Assurances SA as well as the life insurance company Groupe Mutuel Vie GMV SA.

Groupe Mutuel is also responsible for the administration of two occupational benefits foundations, Groupe Mutuel Prévoyance GMP and Mutuelle Valaisanne de Prévoyance.