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Assurance obligatoire des soins

Compulsory healthcare insurance

Compulsory healthcare insurance guarantees payment for basic care in the event of illness, maternity or accident.

Every person living in Switzerland is required to take out compulsory healthcare insurance.

This compulsory healthcare insurance covers the cost of basic treatment necessitated by a case of illness, maternity or accident (if no accident insurance plan accepts responsibility).

The list of benefits paid by the compulsory healthcare insurance is defined by law. The following benefits are simply listed as examples:

  • outpatient’s treatment provided by doctors and chiropractors;
  • pharmaceuticals and laboratory examinations prescribed by doctors and recognised by law;
  • hospital treatment in general ward in the canton in which the insured person lives.

Compulsory healthcare insurance premiums depend on the place where you live and on your age.

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You can benefit from more moderate premiums by opting for a higher deductible than the ordinary deductible amounting to CHF 300 for adults.

Persons who are insured with a Groupe Mutuel healthcare plan have access to high service standards such as:

  • rapid refund of benefits;
  • medical advice by telephone round the clock, 7 days a week provided by our partner Medi24;
  • local customer service provided by our many agencies all over Switzerland.

Our alternative insurance models

Instead of the ordinary healthcare insurance (traditional insurance model), persons insured with Groupe Mutuel can opt for one of the following alternative insurance models.

Supplemental insurance

Compulsory healthcare insurance only reimburses the benefits for which provision is made by law. Groupe Mutuel Assurances GMA SA has developed a wide range of attractive supplemental insurances to cover the following main risks:

  • supplemental outpatient’s insurance for alternative medicine treatments, costs of glasses, transport, cures and home help in particular;
  • supplemental hospitalisation insurance to benefit from the comfort of admission to a semi-private or private ward and/or free choice of hospital establishment;
  • lump-sum insurance in case of disability or death;
  • dental care insurance;
  • travel insurance covering emergency treatments abroad.

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