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Privileged ties with your family doctor

With PrimaCare, benefit from attractive premiums and contribute to holding down healthcare costs.

PrimaCare is a special type of insurance which can be chosen instead of the ordinary healthcare insurance required by the LAMal/KVG health insurance law.

In this context, PrimaCare insurance lays down specific rules with which the insured member agrees to comply, i.e.

  • first consult your family doctor when a health problem is experienced,
  • obtain the family doctor’s approval for a consultation with another healthcare provider.

PrimaCare insurance does not stipulate a list of doctors with which you must comply.

When you are insured with PrimaCare, you are completely free to designate the doctor to whom you wish to entrust this gatekeeping role.

Moreover, prior consultation of the family doctor is not required in cases where this would be inappropriate. The insured member is exempt from this obligation in the following situations:

  • emergencies;
  • when travellling abroad;
  • ophthalmological treatments;
  • paediatric treatments;
  • gynaecological examinations and treatments, as well as treatments during pregnancy and childbirth;
  • continuing treatment of chronic conditions;
  • dental treatments covered by compulsory healthcare insurance.

Complying with these simple principles makes it easier for your family doctor to coordinate your treatment measures. This will have a favourable impact on healthcare costs.

PrimaCare is therefore a simple solution which gives you the benefit of advantageous premiums thanks to the allocated discount.

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Our alternative insurance models

Instead of the ordinary healthcare insurance (traditional insurance model), persons insured with Groupe Mutuel can opt for one of the following alternative insurance models.

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