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  • the reimbursement of medical invoices, please call No. 0848 803 333
  • your policy or premiums, please call No. 0848 803 555

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Faire des économies

Save on your basic insurance premium!

Is your deductible appropriate to your needs? Are you familiar with the different health insurance models which enable you to make substantial savings on your insurance budget?

There are several optional deductibles which enable you to save on the monthly premiums.
Find out which of them would suit you best.

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By opting for one of our alternative models, you play an active part in the effort to hold down healthcare costs and benefit from reductions which may amount to as much as:

  • a 15% discount on your health insurance premiums by calling the Medi 24 Medical Centre before making an appointment with a doctor to obtain initial free professional medical advice on action to be taken.
  • an 16% discount on your health insurance premiums by consulting your family doctor in the first instance; he will then direct you to the appropriate specialist or hospital. Choose a model proposed in your canton.

If you already benefit from LAA/UVG accident coverage you may suspend this risk from your compulsory health insurance.

Save on your supplemental insurance plans!

Supplemental insurance with family discount

  • Global classic: for just CHF 10.50 per month instead of CHF 12.50 insure your child for supplemental care, prevention and hospital treatment in general ward throughout Switzerland!

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