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Your insurance card

Your insurance cardYour insurance card

What data is recorded on my card?

The card is fitted with a chip that contains the insured’s administrative data, so facilitating the preparation of cost statements for services provided by health professionals, i.e.:

* Surname and forename, date of birth, gender.
* New personal number for retirement and survivors insurance (AVS/AHV number).
* Data for the European health insurance card.
* Insurance coverage, coverage for the illness/accident risk.

At the insured’s request to his doctor, emergency medical data can be recorded. They are protected by a PIN code (the insurer does not have access to this data):

* Blood group.
* Data for transfusion.
* Data concerning the immune system.
* Information about vaccinations and allergies.
* Insured’s position on organ donation.

For more information, please see item 5 of the rules, terms and conditions for the use of the insurance card.

Is my card valid abroad?

The back of your new card also serves as the European card. It is designed to simplify your access to care in an emergency when you are temporarily present in the member states of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway (voluntary treatment is not covered).

You will find the international emergency assistance number on your card: +41 (0)848 808 111.

Carte d'assuré Groupe MutuelInsureds who only benefit from supplemental insurance also receive an insurance card.

I only have supplemental insurance coverage. Will I receive a card?

Insureds who only benefit from supplemental insurance with a Groupe Mutuel plan also receive an insurance card.

The same applies to insureds who terminate their compulsory health insurance and who still hold LCA/VVG supplemental insurance with a Groupe Mutuel plan; these persons will receive a new insurance card.

The card comprises the insured’s administrative data, but does not include an electronic chip enabling medical information to be entered.

How can I order a new card?

Theft, breakage or loss of your card must be reported to us immediately to enable it to be cancelled and replaced as soon as possible. Related administrative costs amount to CHF 20.

An immediate suspension of the validity of your card, can be requested directly at the Cada/Veka center's hotline, telephone number: 032 625 42 22 (available 24/7).

Please send us your AVS/AHV number.

Once our order form has been completed your new card will be sent to you within 4 to 6 weeks. Meanwhile you can present your insurance certificate to the different healthcare providers.

Rules, terms and conditions for the use of my insurance card

For the best possible use of your new card we advise you to consult the relevant rules and conditions of use.

And also...

Thanks to your insurance card you also have access to the many benefits negotiated with our "Le Club" partners (pages available only in FR, DE or IT).

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