Basic insurance with advice by phone and family doctor

PrimaTel is a cost-effective alternative to standard insurance. This model combines the advantages of medical advice by phone with those of a general practitioner.


  • When signing up to the insurance, I am free to choose my general practitioner.
  • I call the telemedicine partner first in all medical matters (except in an emergency or in cases specified in the terms and conditions of insurance).
  • I apply one of three recommendations: self-treatment, emergency services or general practitioner who will refer me, if necessary, to another specialist.


  • It is imperative that I call the telemedicine partner before seeking medical treatment. I will then follow their treatment recommendation.


Available Deductibles

The ordinary deductible is CHF 300 for adults and CHF 0 for children.
I can reduce my premium by increasing my deductible.

Deductibles : Adults and Children
  • Savings: I am able to benefit from a very attractive discount.
  • Response time: I can obtain expert advice by phone at any time. Therefore, I avoid unnecessary appointments.
  • Reliability: the telemedicine partner has over 10 years' experience in telemedicine. Over 120 specialists are available 24/7 to answer my questions in French, German, Italian and English.

Calculate your insurance premium online

  • Our online offers system allows you to rapidly calculate your premium, without any obligation on your part. If you accept the offer, simply print it out and send us the proposal form duly signed.

  • Calculate my premium in the online offers system

Request advice
  • By phone

  • 0800 808 848 (freephone number)
    08.00 – 18.00 from Monday to Friday, except on public holidays

  • By email

  • Form to request a contact

Frequently asked questions

If you fail to comply with the rules of PrimaTel insurance (“breach”) more than twice in the same calendar year, you will no longer be reimbursed in the event of further non-compliance. In case of repeated non-compliance, you may be transferred to the standard compulsory health insurance model.

If you suffer from a chronic illness, you must ask Medgate to provide you with a referral for your specific condition so that you are able to follow your treatment without having to contact the call-centre before each appointment. Such referrals are valid until the end of the year and must be renewed between October and December for the following year.

You must ask the doctor you first saw to issue a referral voucher, which must then be sent to Groupe Mutuel so that the treatment with the other specialist can be covered.

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