Fitness and health promotion

Measures and providers approved by Groupe Mutuel

Several supplemental insurance plans of Groupe Mutuel cover the costs of fitness centres, back exercise training programmes and sports classes. Before taking out a subscription, make sure the costs are reimbursed. This will be the case if your supplemental insurance covers the relevant benefits and if the course or provider is approved by Groupe Mutuel.

Fitness centres

Groupe Mutuel approves the fitness centres that meet the following criteria:

Sports classes

Groupe Mutuel approves the sports classes given by instructors who hold one of the following quality labels or who belong to one of the following organisations:

Back exercise training

Groupe Mutuel approves the back exercise training programmes that meet the following criteria:

  • Back exercise training given by an approved instructor
  • Back exercise training given and invoiced by an approved fitness centre
  • Back exercise training given
    - by a physiotherapist
    - by the Swiss League Against Rheumatism
    - within a hospital facility
  • Benefits are covered depending on your supplemental insurance and level of coverage. Please check your policy and general terms and conditions of insurance.
  • Groupe Mutuel has the right to modify at any time the approval criteria for fitness centres and back exercise training programmes, as well as for the accreditation of course instructors.
Groupe Mutuel

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