Medical aids and appliances

Medical devices to meet your daily needs

There are a number of medical aids to help you meet your daily needs. The list of possible equipment can include wheelchairs, prostheses, hearing aids, walking aids or orthopaedic insoles. Basic insurance coverage can be combined with that of supplemental health insurance in order to reduce the rental or purchase costs of this kind of equipment, providing you have a medical prescription. 

Artificial feeding

When feeding through the mouth is no longer possible, alternative means are required, whether to feed micro nutrients intravenously or to provide food through a feeding tube. Different solutions are available for both temporary and long-term situations.

Terms and conditions of coverage:

  • Parenteral feeding at home: covered by the basic insurance
  • Enteral feeding at home with a tube: covered by the basic insurance
  • Enteral feeding without a tube (drinkable food) is covered by the basic insurance if:

List of home care providers and services approved by Groupe Mutuel:

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