Thanks to our partner network, medicines are delivered more easily

Our network of local pharmacies make it easier for you to receive the medicines you need for your treatment. If you are insured with one of the member health insurers of Groupe Mutuel, you can benefit from preferential rates and reduce your financial contribution. There is nothing easier than finding a pharmacy close to home or to get medicines delivered at your door step.

As of January 2019, there will be changes in medication categories.
Some will only be available with a medical prescription, in pharmacies. Others will be available over the counter, in pharmacies or drugstores.

Please note that drugstores are not healthcare providers recognised under the Federal Law on Health Insurance (LAMal/KVG). Therefore, medication purchased in a drugstore cannot be reimbursed under the basic health insurance (AOS/OKP).

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Your pharmacist decides whether medicines can be delivered to you. When buying your medication in a pharmacy, please show your insurance card.  Do not forget that some medicines can be purchased by prescription only!

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Generic drugs

If there is no contraindication to the treatment of your illness, do not hesitate to choose a generic drug to reduce costs. A generic drug is made of the same active ingredient as an original drug and is cheaper. Ask your doctor to write you a prescription for a generic drug.

Are you looking for a generic drug? Use the platform 


Vaccinations are medical procedures developed to avoid illnesses and covered by the basic health insurance (LAMal/KVG). Vaccinating a child against hepatitis B or receiving compulsory preventive vaccinations for trips abroad avoids the risk of contracting common illnesses.  

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