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My personal data

Send us a letter indicating the groupings or unbundling to be carried out, your addresses and respective payment details. The application must be signed by the adults concerned. If there are underage children, please attach to your letter either a formal decision stating who is in charge of managing the children's records or a signed letter from both parents stating this information.

For any change of identity, please send us a copy of an official document (identity card, passport, etc.). Upon receipt of this document, we will modify your data in our systems. Following this change, you will automatically receive a new insurance card. You can send us a copy of your identity document by mail or by filling out the online form.

Please let us know your new address online or by mail. The amount of the premiums depends on your age, the insurance model you choose, but also your place of residence. Each canton has different rates. There may even be differences in rates within the same canton depending on your municipality. Your premiums are therefore likely to change following your change of address.

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