Checking email addresses

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We are currently checking our customers’ email addresses.  In order to be able to communicate with you by email, we need to be sure that we are writing to the right person.

Following this checking, we will delete all email addresses not confirmed. It will not be possible to receive information or notification by email at the addresses not confirmed.

How do we confirm an email address?

We sent a confirmation email to each email address registered in our database. In this email there is a unique link, which allows the insured to:

  • confirm the address concerned
  • change the address linked to the contract

If you click on «CONFIRM OR CHANGE YOUR EMAIL» button that you can find in the email, the email address remains activated. In this way, we can continue to send information by email.

In you do not reply the address will be deleted. We will no longer be able to send you information at this email address.

What about GMnet and Gmapp services?

The email addresses checking does not concern the insured of the GMnet platform and/or the free GMapp application. The addresses linked to a GMnet and/or GMapp account remain activated in all cases since this is your login.

Your personal data, our responsibility

To learn more about the use and protection of your personal data by Groupe Mutuel, please refer to the general terms and conditions of use and the privacy policy.

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