Supplemental LAA/UVG accident insurance

Provide your employees with optimal protection

Our supplemental LAA/UVG accident insurance enhances the compulsory benefits for your employees in the event of an accident. It fills the financial gaps they face and increases your attractiveness as an employer. Discover our offer and choose a predefined package or tailor-made solution.


  • The insurance covers your employees against the financial consequences of workplace accidents and illnesses, as well as for non-workplace accidents.
  • Its benefits supplement those of the compulsory accident insurance.
  • You can choose one of the predefined solutions:

LAAC/ZUVG accident insurance: four combinations of predefined coverages

  • You can also create a tailor-made solution by choosing your own coverage criteria.
Main benefits

Supplemental daily allowance

  • Level
    • Up to 100% of the insured LAA/UVG salary (max. CHF 148,200)
    • 80%, 90% or 100% of the insured AVS/AHV salary (max. CHF 500,000)
  • Partial incapacity for work
  • Daily allowance reduced in proportion to the degree of incapacity for work
  • Waiting period
  • Daily allowance paid during the legal two-day waiting period

Disability or death benefits (if agreed to in the policy)

  • Disability/death
    • Lump-sum amount in the event of death or disability
    • Disability or survivor pension for the excess salary
  • Aesthetic damages
  • Plastic surgery expenses
  • Rehabilitation
  • Cost of professional rehabilitation
Treatment expenses

Frais de traitement

  • Outpatient treatment
    • Treatment expenses, including drugs and tests that exceed the LAA/UVG legal and rate coverage
    • Worldwide
  • Hospitalisation
  • Hospital stay in a semi-private or private room
  • Transport, travel and rescue costs
  • To the extent that such transport is necessary, in Switzerland and abroad
  • Alternative medicine
  • Therapies performed by a licensed doctor or approved therapist, max. CHF 100 per session and CHF 2,500 per case
  • Medical aids and appliances
    • First acquisition of medical aids and appliances
    • Cost of repairing or replacing prostheses

Accident caused by gross negligence or hazardous activities

  • Coverage of reductions
  • Coverage of reductions on LAA/UVG benefits due to gross negligence or hazardous activities on the part of the insured person

Transfer to individual insurance

  • Right of transfer
  • Right to transfer to individual insurance when leaving the group of insured persons
  • Exercise of the right
  • Within 90 days of leaving the group of insured persons
  • Safety: you protect your employees against the financial consequences of accidents.
  • Attractiveness: you position your company as an attractive employer on the labour market, with generous social benefits.
  • Simplicity or flexibility: you choose one of four predefined solutions (packages) or a tailor-made solution, as per your own coverage criteria.
  • Complementarity: the LAA/UVG supplemental insurance can be perfectly combined with the compulsory insurance coverage.

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Frequently asked questions

You should immediately inform your line manager or your human resources department. They will then inform your insurer. Doing so quickly will prevent you being sent service provider invoices to your home.

The daily allowance corresponds to 80% of loss of income, payable from the 3rd day following the accident. It takes into account 13th-month pay and any family allowances. The annual income obtained is divided by 365 days and the benefit is calculated on an 80% basis.

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