Pension Services

Pension fund management / expertise and advice

Managing a pension fund requires time and financial investment. Entrust us with the management of your pension fund or call upon our experts for advice: you will be able to concentrate on your core business, contain your costs and be sure to meet the legal obligations for your insured employees.


  • Your company chooses the type of services it needs:
    • complete or partial administrative and accounting management of your pension fund
    • expertise and advice in the fields of management, finance, taxation and information technology
  • We carry out all or part of your pension fund's activities, depending on the chosen formula.
  • Your pension fund meets the legal requirements and the needs of your employees.
Main benefits

Administrative and accounting management

  • Administration, contacts with employees and your personnel department
    • Carrying out administrative activities: transfers, information, payment of benefits, drawing up certificates, etc.
    • Easy access through our software application
  • Bookkeeping
  • Compliance with accounting standards specific to occupational benefits
  • Management reports
  • Assistance in preparing the management report submitted to the auditors
  • Information
    • Preparation of reports for the Pension Board
    • Preparation of documents that describe clearly the state of the occupational benefits’ plan, both for the employer and the insured employees

Expertise and advice

  • Investments
  • Assistance in defining the investment strategy and determining asset allocation
  • Regulations
  • Drafting, analysis and updating of pension fund regulations
  • Occupational benefits
  • Analysis and updating of pension benefits, advice
  • Training
  • Customised continuous training for pension board members in the area of occupational benefits
  • Supervisory authority
    • Drafting of reports requested by the supervisory authority
    • Support in all official formalities
  • Reinsurance
  • Assistance in choosing the type of reinsurance solution (partial or total reinsurance)
  • Flexibility: opt for the complete management of your pension fund or ask for one-off services only.
  • Cost control: contain the costs of managing your pension fund.
  • Experience: rely on over 30 years of experience of Groupe Mutuel and on the skills of our specialists in the field of occupational pension provision.
  • Centralisation: a single point of contact for all your requests.

Request a personalised offer online

  • Use the corporate online offers system to send us your information, without any obligation on your part. Once assessed, we will be able to send you a personalised offer.

  • Request an offer online
Request advice
  • By phone

  • 0848 803 777
    08.00 – 12.00
    13.30 – 17.00
    On the Swiss landline network: national rate / On the Swiss mobile network: according to your mobile network operator

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Frequently asked questions

Anyone receiving, from the same employer, an annual salary greater than the access threshold must be insured through the LPP/BVG. Insurance covering the risks of death and disability starts on 1 January following your 17th birthday. Savings for retirement start on 1 January following your 24th birthday.

The limit amounts applicable to the minimum cover through the LPP/BVG scheme are available in the  key figures on pension cover.

The employer has to pay a contribution at least equal to the contribution of its employee. Generally, the insured party pays 50% of the premium and the employer pays the other 50%.

You are probably not yet 25. So far, you have only been insured for the risk of death and disability. Your contributions to your retirement assets will start on 1 January following your 24th birthday.

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