Plan based on legal requirements

Minimum occupational benefits

Old-age or disability benefits, insured salary, interest rates: our occupational pension plan complies with the statutory requirements of the Swiss Federal Law on Occupational Benefits (LPP/BVG). It provides basic protection for your employees. Discover its benefits, assets and the ways to improve them.

  • You join a pension fund to insure your employees against old-age, disability and death risks, in accordance with the Swiss Federal Law on Occupational Benefits (LPP/BVG).
  • The pension fund pays statutory and regulatory benefits when insured events such as retirement, disability or death occur.
  • You benefit from the following state-of-the-art services:
    • personalised contract management
    • flexible, fast and efficient administration
    • online management of employee pension data through an extranet
    • investment policy focused on performance and safety

Salary limits

  • Minimum insured salary
  • CHF 21,150
  • Maximum AVS/AHV salary
  • CHF 84,600

Retirement benefits

  • Old-age pension
  • Corresponds to the accumulated old-age capital, including interest, multiplied by the conversion rate
  • Pensioner’s child’s pension
  • 20% of the old-age pension

Disability benefits

  • Disability pension
    • Corresponds to the estimated old-age capital, without interest, multiplied by the conversion rate
    • Payment after a contractual waiting period of 360 or 720 days (at certain conditions)
  • Disabled person’s child’s pension
    • 20% of disability pension
    • Payment up to age 18, or 25 if the child is in training

Death benefits

  • Spouse’s pension (widow or widower)
  • 60% of disability pension
  • Orphan's pension
    • 20% of spouse’s pension
    • Payment up to age 18, or 25 if the child is in training
  • Legality: you fulfil your legal obligations regarding occupational benefits for your employees.
  • Security: you protect your employees against the financial consequences of old-age, disability and death.
  • Complementarity: you can supplement the compulsory LPP/BVG coverage with a tailor-made pension plan.
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Your most frequently asked questions

Anyone receiving, from the same employer, an annual salary greater than the access threshold must be insured through the LPP/BVG. Insurance covering the risks of death and disability starts on 1 January following your 17th birthday. Savings for retirement start on 1 January following your 24th birthday.

The limit amounts applicable to the minimum cover through the LPP/BVG scheme are available in the document containing key figures on pension cover.

The employer has to pay a contribution at least equal to the contribution of its employee. Generally, the insured party pays 50% of the premium and the employer pays the other 50%.

You are probably not yet 25. So far, you have only been insured for the risk of death and disability. Your contributions to your retirement assets will start on 1 January following your 24th birthday.

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