Foundation Prize

Awards for outstanding achievements

Each year, associations or institutions, as well as a number of corporate clients of Groupe Mutuel, develop particularly outstanding projects related to health in Switzerland. Groupe Mutuel Foundation has decided to showcase these initiatives by creating the Foundation Prize. 
In July, Groupe Mutuel Foundation will award four prizes that will be presented at an event in September. On this occasion, the winners will receive a financial incentive to continue their work.

The Prize for associations and institutions rewards dedicated institutions, associations and individuals. The selected entities or individuals will have contributed to improving health in Switzerland through their prevention, promotion, research or education initiatives.

The three winners of the Prize for associations and institutions will receive financial support ranging from CHF 5,000 to 20,000.

To be entitled to the Foundation Prize, your project must fulfil the following criteria:

  • you are an institution, association or stakeholder in the health sector acting in a personal capacity or within an institution;
  • your activities are non-profit  making;
  • your work and commitment are recognised as useful and play a significant role in improving the health system in Switzerland;

Entrants competing for the Foundation Prize are chosen based on their applications.

Your application must contain the following documents:

  • a detailed presentation of your project and/or the activities of your organisation or association;
  • your organisation or association’s scope of action;
  • its statutes;
  • the annual report or last year's accounts;
  • any other document describing your project.
  • the form authorising us to process and share your data, duly completed and signed. (Available in the documents for download section)

A template is available to help you create your application. (Available in the documents for download section)

No appeals can be made against decisions concerning applications for the Foundation Prize.
Applications from associations considered as sects or related to any activity considered to be sectarian, involved in extreme sports or activities, as well as governmental or international projects will not be taken into consideration.

Once you have completed your file, please send it to us by post or by email*, from 1 January to 30 June.
For any additional information concerning the Prize of Groupe Mutuel Foundation, please call 058 758 32 03.

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The prize for businesses rewards a Groupe Mutuel corporate client that has implemented prevention and health promotion measures for its employees, together with our corporate department (CorporateCare).

The prize, worth CHF 10,000, will be granted in the form of prevention measures in the workplace.

Are you a Groupe Mutuel corporate client and have you taken measures to improve your employees’ health? If so, you could be selected by our CorporateCare sector to win the Corporate Prize.

For any additional information, please call 058 758 45 01.

No appeals can be made against decisions concerning applications for the Foundation Prize.

Prize of Groupe Mutuel Foundation 2019

Category “Associations and institutions”

  • 1st  prize: Ticino Cuore (TI) – installation of open access defibrillators and setting up a network of people trained in procedures for saving lives in the event of a heart attack.
  • 2nd  prize: Ligue valaisanne contre le cancer (VS) – actions in favour of cancer prevention, as well as support for patients and their families.
  • 3rd  prize: AVVEC (GE) - prevention of domestic violence, particularly among young people, and support to victims.

Category “Companies”

  • Dentsply Sirona (VD) - comprehensive and pragmatic approach to corporate health management.
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