1. Subject
    The present privacy policy (hereinafter Privacy Policy) applies to the processing of data in connection with the website available at the following address:, and all the other websites of Groupe Mutuel, Rue des Cèdres 5, 1919 Martigny, Switzerland (hereinafter Groupe Mutuel). The use of the Groupe Mutuel websites is governed by the general terms of use (GTU) available at the following link.

    The present Privacy Policy does not apply to third party websites or to the processing of personal data you have transmitted to Groupe Mutuel or which Groupe Mutuel has collected on your behalf via other than Groupe Mutuel’s websites.

    Groupe Mutuel reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify the present Privacy Policy at any time. By visiting the websites of Groupe Mutuel after any amendments have been made to the Privacy Policy, you expressly agree to the new version of the Privacy Policy.
  2. Data processing regulations
    Groupe Mutuel’s data processing principles are set out in its “Data processing regulations” (hereinafter Regulations), which can be consulted at the following address.
  3. Types of data collected via the Groupe Mutuel websites
    Groupe Mutuel collects data related to your access and use of Groupe Mutuel’s websites. Groupe Mutuel can collect your personal data directly or by using the services of third parties. Data includes all information which identifies or makes it possible to identify any natural person or legal entity, even indirectly, by referring to other information, including a personal identification number, your name, addresses, invoice details, e-mail address, IP address, geolocation or other information which may serve to identify or contact you when accessing or using Groupe Mutuel’s websites (hereinafter Personal Data).
  4. Data processing methods
    Groupe Mutuel processes your Personal Data in accordance with Swiss legislation on data protection and takes all the necessary security measures to prevent any non-authorised access, disclosure, modification or destruction of your data in general and of your Personal Data in particular. Data is processed using computers or IT tools, and by closely following the procedures and organisational forms related to the specified purposes, in accordance with the Regulations.
  5. Place of data processing
    Personal Data is stored at a data centre and processed at the Groupe Mutuel head office in Switzerland, and is subject to forwarding to third parties in accordance with the present Privacy Policy and Regulations.
  6. Storage duration
    Personal Data is stored by Groupe Mutuel for the duration necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected, and is subject to any applicable legal obligations regarding storage.
  7. Purposes of processing
    Personal Data is collected to allow Groupe Mutuel to operate its websites and/or provide the services related to Groupe Mutuel’s websites as indicated at the time the data is collected.

    Groupe Mutuel may use your Personal Data, in particular personal contact details and other information and data transmitted via the Groupe Mutuel websites for commercial and advertising purposes, especially for internal analyses and statistics, to improve its products and services, and to send you information and offers relating to the products and services of Groupe Mutuel and/or its partners, such as brochures, newsletters and other advertising, on condition that you give your consent at the time of transmission of the data. You can withdraw your consent at any time.

    If you are a Groupe Mutuel client, or if you transmit your Personal Data via the Groupe Mutuel websites for the purpose of becoming a client, Groupe Mutuel may use the data transmitted as part of the establishment and/or management of the business relationship.

    By accessing and using Groupe Mutuel’s websites, you expressly authorise Groupe Mutuel to process your Personal Data transmitted in this way, in accordance with the present Privacy Policy and Regulations.
  8. Data transfert to third parties
    Groupe Mutuel does not transfer your Personal Data to third parties, except to its members, partners and/or sub-contractors.

    Groupe Mutuel may be required to transfer your Personal Data to third-party service providers appointed to assist Groupe Mutuel in its business, in particular for marketing and advertising purposes. Third-party service providers may be located in or process your Personal Data in Switzerland or in another country which has legislation ensuring an adequate level of protection in accordance with Swiss legislation on data protection.

    Within a limited context, Groupe Mutuel may also forward your Personal Data to third-party service providers located abroad which process your Personal Data in countries which do not have legislation ensuring an adequate level of protection in accordance with Swiss legislation on data protection. This may be the case if you use third-party services (see Article 9) or services for which Groupe Mutuel uses cookies (see Article 10). In such cases, you expressly authorise Groupe Mutuel to transfer your Personal Data to such service providers.
  9. Third-party services

    Access to accounts of third-party services

    Your access to and use of Groupe Mutuel websites may provide suppliers of third-party services access to Personal Data. Such functions are not activated automatically and require your express authorisation. If for example you use certain functions (such as social plug-ins), Groupe Mutuel websites may connect to and transfer Personal Data to social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Because these social networks use your data for tracking and advertising purposes, we recommend you consult the networks’ data policies and take measures to increase the confidentiality of your data.

    Registration and authentication

    Groupe Mutuel websites may allow you to register and/or authenticate yourself with third-party services in order to use certain functions. For example, Groupe Mutuel websites may allow you to register and/or authenticate yourself via your personal Facebook profile. In such cases, Personal Data are exchanged between Facebook and the Groupe Mutuel websites.

    Interaction based on geolocation

    Groupe Mutuel websites may collect, use and share your geolocation data so as to provide you with services based on your data. Most browsers and electronic devices provide tools which allow you to deactivate this function by default. Your geolocation data may be tracked by Groupe Mutuel’s websites if you have given your consent. We recommend that you configure your mobile device correctly to accept or refuse geolocation.
  10. Cookies and other tracking technology

    General information

    In order to improve the functionality of its websites, Groupe Mutuel uses different types of cookies or other indicators such as pixel tags, some of which are able to automatically record and forward Personal Data to Groupe Mutuel’s websites. Cookies are small data files which are stored on your electronic device. When you access and use Groupe Mutuel websites, a cookie identifies your electronic device. Pixel tags serve a similar purpose, but do not store files directly on your electronic device. Groupe Mutuel also uses cookies to measure and monitor the traffic on and use of its websites and their functionality.

    If you do not want cookies to be stored on your electronic device, you must, prior to using Groupe Mutuel’s websites, configure your web browser or electronic device so that it blocks the cookies. If you do not do so, you consent to the collection and processing of data, including Personal Data gathered in this way. Please note that certain cookies are however indispensable for the proper functioning of Groupe Mutuel’s websites, and the use of Groupe Mutuel’s websites or some of their functionalities may be altered or not work when all the cookies are blocked.

    For further information, please visit Please check the user guide sections of your web browser for specific instructions on managing cookies.

    Types of cookies used

    There are four main reasons why cookies are stored on your electronic device when you access or use Groupe Mutuel’s websites:
    -for the operation and correct functioning of Groupe Mutuel’s websites;
    -to collect anonymous data in order to improve Groupe Mutuel’s websites;
    -to memorise your preferences and render Groupe Mutuel’s websites more user-friendly;
    -to monitor your online behaviour so as to customise the content displayed on the websites you consult.

    Cookies in the latter category may be placed by third parties. Please note that Groupe Mutuel has no control over the placing of such cookies by third parties when you visit their websites. However, Groupe Mutuel may use this type of cookies to identify you when you visit third-party websites,  notably to display advertising of its products and services.

    Cookies used by Groupe Mutuel’s websites are stored on your electronic device by Groupe Mutuel or by third parties such as Google.

    Some cookies are only stored on your electronic device for the duration of your access and use of the Services, while others remain for a specified or undefined period.
  11. Right of access
    Unless required otherwise by Groupe Mutuel by law, you have the right at all times to be informed whether Groupe Mutuel is processing your Personal Data. You can contact Groupe Mutuel to know the contents and origin of the Personal Data, verify its accuracy, and where appropriate, request that it shall be completed, deleted, updated or corrected. You also have the right to request Groupe Mutuel to cease to process all Personal Data obtained in breach of the applicable law, or to object to the processing of your Personal Data for any other legitimate reasons.

    For all queries and requests related to the processing of your Personal Data by Groupe Mutuel, please contact:

    Groupe Mutuel
    Data Protection Officer
    Rue des Cèdres 5
    Case postale
    1919 Martigny

Groupe Mutuel

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