Which is the best basic health insurance?

The best basic health insurance is the one that best meets your needs at the lowest price.

Une assurance obligatoire

Health insurance is compulsory in Switzerland. It is governed by the Swiss Federal Law on Compulsory Healthcare (LAMal/KVG). Logically, all basic health insurance solutions provide the same basic coverage (legally binding). It is the way they operate and their premium amounts that set them apart.

Examples of legally binding coverage:

  • outpatient treatment delivered by doctors and chiropractors,
  • legally recognised medicines and laboratory tests prescribed by doctors,
  • hospital treatment in the general category in the insured person’s canton of residence
The risk of dual insurance

Are you returning to work or entering the workforce for the first time? Your employer is required to insure you against workplace and non-workplace accidents. Do not forget to remove your accident coverage from your compulsory basic insurance.

Different premiums

While benefits are the same from one health insurance to another, premiums vary considerably. These depend on the insurer, your age and where you live. To reduce your premiums, we advise you to opt for an alternative insurance model and increase your deductible.

Choose one of our alternative models: telemedicine, pharmacies, family doctor or healthcare network

To meet your needs and help you pay less, we have designed four types of alternative basic insurance models. All models provide the coverage that is required by law. It is the way they operate and their premiums that set them apart.

At Groupe Mutuel, you can choose between the following alternative models:

  • telemedicine: you agree to contact a medical advice centre by telephone before visiting the doctor;
  • pharmacies: you go to one of our partner pharmacies before seeing a doctor;
  • family doctor: you always see your family doctor first;
  • healthcare network: you choose a doctor from a list provided by your insurer and undertake to always consult this doctor first.

Alternative models allow you to save money. By agreeing to a number of restrictions, such as calling a medical hotline first or joining a healthcare network, you avoid unnecessary consultations and help reduce health costs.

In return, we offer discounted premiums.

Increase your deductible

Another way to reduce your premiums is to increase your deductible. The higher the deductible, the lower your premiums will be.

In basic insurance, you can choose from the following deductibles:

To change your deductible, simply send us your request. In the event of a decrease, you must notify us before the last working day of November. For an increase, you have until the last working day of the year.

Change your insurance model easily

Have you found the health insurance model that is right for you? You have until the last business day of November to change your contract.

  • Send us a dated and signed request by email (PDF format) or by post.
  • Include the contact details of the person concerned: first name, name, client No. or AVS/AHV No., preferred alternative model.
  • If you choose a model with a family doctor or general practitioner, please provide us with the name of the doctor you have chosen.
  • If you are using our GMnet & GMapp platforms, the change can be made directly online.
    On GMnet, go to Contracts > Change my contracts > Change insurance model
    For GMapp, choose the menu Contacts > Write to us > General questions
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