Budget 2021

Secure your health insurance premiums for 2021

Groupe Mutuel presents a unique offer in Switzerland: sign an insurance contract for 2021 with a locked-in premium rate! Look towards the future with peace of mind, knowing that your health insurance premiums will not increase

  • I avoid a premium increase in 2021
  • I can maintain the quality of my coverage
  • I can make my life easier
  • I can call an adviser who will answer all of my questions

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

  • The following conditions must be observed:

  • If your premium under Budget 2021 turns out to be ultimately higher than the final 2021 premium confirmed by the supervisory bodies, the lower premium will be applied, within the limits of the law.
  • Only a change in the legal framework (e.g. a change in the deductible amount, the cost-sharing amount, tariff zone or discounts for special forms of compulsory health insurance, ...) or in the terms and conditions of your contract, such as a change of address or change in your insurance coverage, could result in a new premium amount.
    For example: if you move from the canton of Valais to the canton of Vaud in February 2021, then your premium will be readjusted within Budget 2021 according to the premium differences between cantons.
  • The cumulative amount of the supplemental premiums (LCA/VVG) per insured person must be at least CHF 30 per month for adults aged 19+ and at least CHF 6 per month for children aged 0 to 18.
    For example: if a 20-year-old pays a total of CHF 13 when combining steps 2 and 3, then this person cannot benefit from the Budget 2021 offer.
  • The offer does not apply to the following cantons: Basel-Land and Basel-Stadt (BL, BS), Glarus (GL), Graubünden (GR), Jura (JU), St. Gallen (SG), Schaffhausen (SH), Solothurn (SO), Schwytz (SZ) and Ticino (TI).
    For example: even if an insured person comes from a canton for which the Budget 2021 offer is available, if this insured person resides in the canton of Schwytz, then he/she cannot benefit from the Budget 2021 offer
  • Savings: my health insurance premiums will not increase in 2021. Furthermore, if the premium under Budget 2021 turns out to be higher than the final 2021 official premiums, the lower premium will be applied, within the limits of the legal framework.
  • Foresight: I am able to secure my 2020 and 2021 budgets and can therefore improve my long-term forecasts
  • Security: I choose the coverage I need and am able to benefit from comprehensive coverage that meets my expectations.
  • Quality: my benefits remain excellent and I get to benefit from an exclusive concept in Switzerland.
  • By choosing the Budget 2021 offer before 31 August 2020, I am signing up to the coverage best suited to my needs and will be financially rewarded for my responsible use of health benefits.

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