Report an accident to AMB basic health insurance

Do you have accident coverage under compulsory health insurance according to LAMal/KVG (accident risk included in your basic coverage) with AMB insurance? Report your claim directly to Groupe Mutuel.

Download the claim form

Complete the claim form and send it to Groupe Mutuel by post. Your accident coverage is based on your basic health insurance coverage.


Frequently asked questions

Accident coverage is compulsory in Switzerland and is included in the compulsory health insurance (LAMal/KVG). People who work more than eight hours a week and who are subject to compulsory accident insurance by their employer in accordance with the LAA/UVG (law on accident insurance) can request that their health insurer suspend this risk.

If you are already covered against accidents by your employer (compulsory under the LAA/UVG), you may suspend this coverage from your compulsory health insurance on the first day of the month following your request to suspend your insurance.

If you need to reinstate this risk on your compulsory health insurance, simply complete our online application form. Reinstatement will be effective on the first day of the month requested.

No, persons receiving unemployment benefits are compulsorily insured against accidents by the unemployment fund at SUVA. In order to suspend accident cover from the basic health insurance, please send us a written request. We will suspend your accident insurance according to your period of entitlement to benefits decided by the unemployment fund. 

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