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For PrimaTel  and SanaTel alternative insurance models, you must contact Medi24 call centre first. You will then be put in contact with a health adviser who will ask you a number of questions and recommend the optimal medical treatment.
Depending on your alternative insurance model, you must follow all of the medical recommendations issued by the medical call centre for PrimaTel as opposed to SanaTel insurance model where the insured person can choose to follow the medical advice or not. Exceptions: Exceptions exist depending on your alternative telemedicine insurance model. The exceptions under PrimaTel are set out in Article 6 of the Special Terms and Conditions of Insurance for PrimaTel , available here (Special Terms and Conditions PrimaTel). Exceptions under SanaTel are available here (Special Terms and Conditions SanaTel).

Yes, you must call Medi24. Depending on the frequency of your appointments, Medi24 will let you know if calls can be made further apart. Thank you in advance for following their advice.

If you are calling from Switzerland, please dial 0800 852 852 for PrimaTel and 0800 726 283 for SanaTel.
Medi24 advisers can be reached seven days a week and 24 hours a day.
You do not need to call Medi24 in case of emergency abroad: this is one of the exceptions to the obligation to call.

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