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In the event of hospitalisation, in addition to the annual deductible and co-payment (10%), the insured person pays a contribution of CHF 15.00 per day towards the cost of hospitalisation. This amount is set by the Federal Council. Children as well as young adults in training (19-25 years) do not pay this contribution. The same applies to hospital stays in the event of maternity.
For more information, see our page “Understanding your statement of benefits.

To understand your invoice properly, we will start with the title “Premium invoice”.
Below this, you will find the invoice number and date of dispatch.
Then, the document mentions the client number and name of the client concerned by the invoice.
Below, you will find the “LAMal/KVG premium” with its amount and number of months invoiced.
Below, you will see the deduction of the environmental tax (amount paid by the State for insured persons of health insurance companies).
If you receive a subsidy, this amount is deducted immediately after the tax.
If you hold any supplemental insurance, the relevant amounts are invoiced below.
These explanations apply to one single person. If there are other persons on the same invoice, the process repeats itself.
At the bottom of the page, the invoice indicates the total amount to be paid and the due date for payment.

There may be several reasons:
If you have applied for a contract amendment (accident risk, change of canton, supplemental insurance, etc.), the premiums may have changed. This change triggers a corrective invoice.
If you have added/removed a subsidy during the course of the year, your premiums will increase/decrease and your invoices will inevitably change.
New/corrective premium invoices always replace a former invoice. On the new invoices, you will find the number of the cancelled invoice and its date.

Health insurance premiums are payable in advance, at least 30 days before the month to which the premium applies, in the same way as for the payment of rent. However, it is possible to request a different payment method (quarterly, semi-annual or annual). For persons affiliated to SUPRA health insurance, the semi-annual payment method entitles them to a 1% discount and the annual payment method to a 2% discount. This deduction is valid only for compulsory health insurance pursuant to LAMal/KVG, with SUPRA health insurance.

By default, Groupe Mutuel sends monthly invoices every three months, out of concern for the environment. In addition, sending invoices at the same time allows you to anticipate your future invoices and, if you wish, make advance payments. However, if you are not satisfied with this procedure, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask us for a change in the way the invoices are sent.

There may be several reasons:
- invoices are sent by second class mail. Therefore, they may still be in the post;
- unfortunately, the post office may sometimes mishandle or lose correspondence;
- we may not have your new address in our records.
In any case, if you have been waiting for your invoice for more than 10 days, please contact our Customer Services who will enquire about the origin of the delay.

All doctors can send their invoices directly to the health insurance, providing they have entered a agreement with the insurer. If this is the case, they shall apply the “third-party payer” system.

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