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Payment methods

You have a postal account:
Complete and send us the “Direct Debit” form , by which you authorise us to debit directly your postal account for the various amounts due to us.
You have a bank account:
Complete our online form and we will send you an LSV form. Please return it to us duly certified by your bank.
We will not be able to change the method of collection of future invoices until we have received your authorisation. In the meantime, you may still receive invoices. If this is the case, please pay them as before.

Thanks to the e-invoice feature of PostFinance and the Swiss banks, you may receive and pay your invoices in a simple, secure and paperless way.
More information about the e-invoice

Generally, we accept payment arrangements under certain conditions. The easiest way is to call our specialised services on 0848 803 111. We will take stock of your financial situation and assess together the options available to you.

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