Checking email addresses

Improved communication with up-to-date information

We recently verified our customers’ email addresses and are now able to better communicate by email for those addresses that have been confirmed.

All unconfirmed email addresses have been deactivated and will no longer be able to receive communications without us having to undertake a thorough verification of the insured person’s identity.

Have you not yet confirmed your email address? Use our online form. Select Manage my insurance contract and fill in the required fields.

Why do I need to complete and update my information?

Some of your data may be missing or out-of-date. A complete and up-to-date insurance account allows us to speed up administrative processes and avoid having to contact you unnecessarily. Therefore, your requests will take less time and you will have a more direct access to your information.

Information relating to contact details, your address or family situation are essential in processing your requests... Do not wait to inform us of any changes.

How do I add information to my account?

You can update your data online, using the forms that are appropriate for your type of notification.
All relevant documents can be found on the page “Notifications and forms”.

You can also use our GMnet and GMapp platforms to update your personal data, without having to contact us directly.

Your personal data, our responsibility

To learn more about the use and protection of your personal data by Groupe Mutuel, please refer to the general terms and conditions of use and the privacy policy.

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