Cyber attack

Request for information regarding the theft of data

In December hackers attacked an external Groupe Mutuel platform.

The hackers were able, by means of identity theft to steal some computer files on the external computer platform, ePremium Health, which was launched in 2012.
If you requested an offer from an agent or a broker, you may be affected by this cyber attack.

Would you like to know if your data was affected by the cyber attack suffered by Groupe Mutuel?

Complete, print and sign the form below and then send it back by post only, along with a copy of a valid form of ID, to the following address:

Groupe Mutuel
Conseiller indépendant à la protection des données
Rue des Cèdres 5
Case postale
1919 Martigny

Within 30 days you will receive a letter informing you whether or not your data has been stolen and if so, which data is affected.

Groupe Mutuel

Rue des Cèdres 5 Case postale, 1919 Martigny    |    +41 0848.803.111