Renew your insurance and save money

Are you coming to the end of your supplemental hospitalisation insurance or “Global” insurance this year? Renew your supplemental coverage and receive three months of free premiums.

Our policyholders’ loyalty is being rewarded.

If you renew your supplemental insurance and commit to an additional three years of coverage with our company, you can receive three months of free premiums.

Does your contract expire on 31 December of this year?

Renew your insurance now by telephone.
  Call 058 758 70 20

This loyalty offer is valid until 31 July 2022 for the following supplemental insurance:

Global supplemental insurance:

  • Global confort
  • Global famille
  • Global
  • Global mi-privée
  • Global smart
  • Global privée
  • Global flex
  • Global AMB

Supplemental hospitalisation insurance:

  • H-Bonus
  • Supplemental hospitalisation insurance (from level 2 upwards)
  • Hôpital senior

To renew your supplemental insurance, call us on the direct telephone number 058 758 70 20. Our team will be happy to answer any questions about your current contracts and to help you with any other enquiries.

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