Employee accident or illness reporting

The ideal solution for your situation

Manage employee illnesses and accidents quickly and easily: Choose the solution that suits your situation and company size.

Corporate customer area

Report a new employee accident or illness and track the reimbursements received for your staff: directly in your customer area – with just a few clicks.

Solutions tailored to your needs

Choose your custom options for a smooth and speedy process. 
Contact us to learn more and define the best solution for your business together.

Online message

Tailored for large companies - Provide a simplified form for your employees to self-report accidents or illness.

Integration with your absence management system

An interface to your system can enable simplified processing of all employee accidents and illness via a single platform.


Our systems are compatible with the solution from BBT Software. This enables you to create employee accident and illness reports and forward them to various insurance providers.

Paper-based option

Do you prefer a paper-based system? Then you can simply print out a form and send it to us by mail together with the associated documents.

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