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Personal insurance for your employees

As an employer, you have a social responsibility towards your employees. You are also required to insure them against accidents (Federal Law on Accident Insurance - LAA/UVG) and for old-age, disability and death (Federal Law on Occupational benefits - LPP/BVG).

Other types of insurance, such as daily allowance or health insurance, are optional. However, they represent first-rate benefits for your employees.

The three insurance solutions to take out first and foremost are the following:

Daily allowance

For a company, the prolonged absence of an employee results in

  • direct costs (salary of the absent employee, etc.): as an employer, you must pay the salary according to the Swiss Civil Code (e.g. Bern Scale)
  • indirect costs, such as to pay for temporary staff or train replacements, etc.

For the employee, prolonged absence often means a gap in income. Between the end of the salary and start of the disability (AI/IV) or occupational (LPP/BVG) pension, several months may pass without payment of a salary.

Daily allowance insurance protects employees, employers and self-employed persons against the financial consequences of illness and accidents.

With daily allowance insurance in the event of illness, you

  • transfer the risk to the insurer
  • budget and contain the cost of absences
  • comply with collective agreements
  • protect your employees’ income until the payment of a disability or occupational pension
  • retain employees in your company thanks to a major social benefit
  • improve your company’s attractiveness

Accident insurance

As an employer, you must insure your employees against the consequences of accidents and workplace illnesses, according to the Federal Law on Accident Insurance (LAA/UVG).

However, LAA/UVG coverage does not cover all needs. We recommend that you complete the legal coverage by taking out our supplemental accident insurance.

With compulsory and/or supplemental accident insurance, you

  • comply with legal obligations
  • retain employees in your company
  • improve your company’s attractiveness

Occupational benefits (2nd pillar)

As an employer, you must insure employees who earn an annual AVS/AHV salary of more than CHF 21,150 per year, in accordance with the Federal Law on Occupational Benefits (LPP/BVG). You must at least subscribe to a pension plan based on legal requirements.

You can also expand the coverage with a tailor-made pension plan that offers enhanced benefits in terms of savings, disability and death. Groupe Mutuel offers solutions adapted to your HR policy and to the financial resources available in your company.

Other corporate insurance plans increase your employees’ protection and your corporate branding.

Supplemental health insurance

Employees must take out basic health insurance (LAMal/KVG) themselves. As an employer, you are not required to provide your employees with compulsory insurance coverage (AOS/OKP).

However, well-served employees are a major asset. It is in your best interest to ensure that they have the best possible coverage.

With a supplemental health insurance framework agreement for your employees, you can

  • provide them with access to first-rate supplemental health care
  • offer a unique social benefit
  • improve your company image

Legal protection

Do you wish to protect your employees against high legal costs and time-consuming administrative procedures? Let them benefit from our “Legis” legal protection insurance by signing up to our framework agreement.

With a framework agreement for “Legis” legal protection insurance, you:

  • offer your employees a unique social benefit
  • allow them to benefit from a 10% discount and free services for children in the household
  • choose the premium invoicing method, at your own expense or that of employees

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Insurance to protect your employees and your company against the financial risk of absence due to illness.

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Compulsory (LAA/UVG) or supplemental accident insurance against accidents and workplace illnesses.

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A basic pension plan and a tailor-made pension plan to protect your employees and their family members against the risks of old-age, disability and death.

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Supplemental health

Insurance to supplement basic health insurance benefits.

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“Legis” insurance plans that protect your employees in the event of a dispute or legal proceedings.

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