Referral programme

Recommend us to your friends and family and win up to CHF 200 per person

Are you satisfied with Groupe Mutuel’s benefits and customer services? If you are, sign up to our referral programme and encourage your relatives to take out insurance with our company. When someone you know registers with Groupe Mutuel on your recommendation, you will receive up to CHF 200 in Migros gift vouchers.

How does it work?

Would you like to have friends and family benefit from our services while you reap the rewards? Sign up to the referral programme to receive a link and share it with your relatives. They will be able to benefit from a quick assessment of 15 minutes with one of our specialists, without any obligation. If one of your relatives decides to join Groupe Mutuel following the assessment, you will be rewarded up to CHF 200 for each new customer.

Find out more about the offer and sign up to the programme by going to our referral platform.

Simply share your link and we’ll take care of the rest

This is how it works:

  • Create your personal referral link by signing up to the programme.
  • Share your link with your relatives or post it on social networks.
  • Through your link, your family and friends can request an appointment with one of our specialists for a quick assessment of 15 minutes.
  • You will be rewarded up to CHF 200 per new customer.

Can you think of someone you would like to recommend Groupe Mutuel to? Sign up now to receive your personal referral link, with just one click.

Your rewards

You will receive Migros gift vouchers worth up to CHF 200 for each new customer.

  • CHF 50 for each new basic or supplemental insurance contract.
  • Up to CHF 200 for each new client.

To whom can I recommend Groupe Mutuel?

  • To my relatives
    Encourage your relatives to save money. In just 15 minutes, our specialists will assess their circumstances and suggest coverage that is perfectly suited to their needs – without any obligation on their part.
  • To persons who have recently arrived in Switzerland
    Do you know anyone who has recently moved to Switzerland? Our insurance experts are available to advise them from the moment they arrive and to explain how health insurance works in Switzerland.
  • To future parents
    Is one of your relatives expecting a baby? Our prenatal advisers will help them prepare for the event and suggest the best coverage for their future child.

Receive your reward

To receive your reward, here are some important criteria to keep in mind when recommending a relative:

  • the person must be over 18 years;
  • the person must live in Switzerland;
  • the person must not be insured with Groupe Mutuel for basic or supplemental insurance.

Rewards are sent by post, generally on a monthly basis.

Read more about the offer in the terms and conditions of the programme.

Frequently asked questions

Where does my personal link lead to?
With the link, your relatives can access a page that will allow them to ask for a quick assessment with one of our advisers if they wish to. You can also access this page using your link to find out more.

Why a personal link?
The link contains a unique ID that allows us to assign the requests for assessments and, therefore, to reward you.

Who can I send my link to?
To receive your reward, please ensure that the person you are sending the link to is over 18 years of age, lives in Switzerland and is not yet a customer of Groupe Mutuel.

When will you receive your reward?
If your referral is considered valid according to the programme's terms and conditions, your reward will be sent to you on conclusion of a contract resulting from your referral.

What is the status of my referral?
For data protection reasons, we cannot share the precise status of your referrals. You will be informed anonymously when a person you refer has made an appointment or if the referred person is not eligible for the referral programme. If an insurance contract is concluded as a result of your referral, you will automatically receive your reward.

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions about the Groupe Mutuel referral programme? Contact us using the information request form.

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