Our mission and Code of Conduct

Serving our policyholders while remaining close to our values

Groupe Mutuel's mission and Code of Conduct define the actions it undertakes and place the customer at the centre of its concerns.

Mission statement and values

As the only global personal insurer in Switzerland, we aim to be a preferred partner for health and personal risk insurance, at the service of both private individuals and corporate customers.

Because we place people at the heart of our business, we are committed to caring about our customers and remaining by their side during their entire life journey.

Listening to and getting to know a person is what motivates us to design comprehensive, personalised and sustainable services for private individuals and companies. Aware that insurance is a complex business, we strive to bring clarity to customer experience. In line with our entrepreneurial roots, we act proactively and relentlessly to anticipate and meet everyone’s expectations as closely as possible, whatever the circumstances. We provide security to all our customers by anticipating their future needs in an innovative and sustainable manner.

As an easily accessible partner, it is our responsibility to constantly rethink our customer relationships to enhance prevention, collaboration and mutual support, in order to provide peace of mind to all our customers and meet the current challenges of the Swiss society in terms of health and personal risk insurance. 

We are... 


“We are proud to be part of a company where caring, collaboration, trust, respect and solidarity are anchored in the actions and considerations of all employees.”


“We are an agile company that shows initiative and anticipates the needs of colleagues, customers and the market.”


“We act with integrity, transparency and fairness and are fully aware of our responsibilities towards our colleagues, customers, partners and the Group.”

Our Code of Conduct

Through its activities, Groupe Mutuel upholds a liberal approach and philosophy. This entails an ethical, economic and social responsibility towards insured members, customers and employees alike.

Groupe Mutuel bases its growth strategy on its dynamism, performance, entrepreneurial vision and innovative strength.

This Code of Conduct clearly outlines the ethical and professional values that we uphold in our work to fulfill our vision.

The Code of Conduct must be complied with by all governing bodies and employees of Groupe Mutuel as well as by its member or managed companies, without exception. The governing bodies shall also be subject to requirements arising from other applicable regulations.

Groupe Mutuel

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