Our mission and Code of Conduct

Serving our policyholders while remaining close to our values

Groupe Mutuel's mission and Code of Conduct define the actions it undertakes and place the customer at the centre of its concerns.

Our mission

Groupe Mutuel is a national organisation at the service of its insured members. It makes every effort to respond to their needs in a timely, efficient and competent manner.

It is driven by a spirit of enterprise and on the pursuit of quality and innovation thanks to the skills and know-how of its employees. It ensures the development of an efficient working tool where information and communication technologies are an important asset.

This approach and ambition reflect the “mission” that Groupe Mutuel has set itself at all company levels.

Shared and experienced by each one of us, our mission is the foundation of our values and entrepreneurial spirit over time.

Our Code of Conduct

Through its activities, Groupe Mutuel upholds a liberal approach and philosophy. This entails an ethical, economic and social responsibility towards insured members, customers and employees alike.

Groupe Mutuel bases its growth strategy on its dynamism, performance, entrepreneurial vision and innovative strength.

This Code of Conduct clearly outlines the ethical and professional values that we uphold in our work to fulfill our vision.

The Code of Conduct must be complied with by all governing bodies and employees of Groupe Mutuel as well as by its member or managed companies, without exception. The governing bodies shall also be subject to requirements arising from other applicable regulations.

Groupe Mutuel

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