Opsion Vested Benefits

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We are a flexible and modern vested benefits’ foundation, with a focus on medium to long-term investments. Our structure is aimed at both private individuals and financial partners, who make their asset management skills available to insured persons.

Discover the Opsion vested benefits

Opsion Vested Benefits Foundation

Depending on life circumstances (such as moving abroad, becoming self-employed or divorce, among others), it may become necessary to open a vested benefits account. We offer a solution that makes it possible to suggest different investment strategies.

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Solutions of Opsion Vested Benefits Foundation

The solutions of Opsion Vested Benefits Foundation were designed for pension fund holders who have a medium to long-term investment horizon. The foundation offers only invested solutions (in financial markets, excluding savings).

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Digital solution of Opsion Vested Benefits Foundation

A fully digital platform that offers responsible and ethical investment strategies (ESG) as well as low management fees.

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