Collective Foundation Opsion

Collective Foundation Opsion offers maximum flexibility, allowing you to design a tailor-made occupational pension solution, while outsourcing responsibilities and pooling risks in order to reduce costs.

Pension funds

Pension funds

Million CHF of assets

Million CHF of assets

Insured persons, of which 47 are pensioners

Insured persons, of which 47 are pensioners




Its structure is made up of fully independent entities and operates on an open architecture basis, in terms of asset managers, custodian banks or reinsurers. Affiliated companies can, however, contain costs thanks to the pool of assets made available and the negotiated collective reinsurance contracts.

The Foundation makes its team of experienced consultants (actuaries, financial specialists or lawyers) available to help you choose and implement your solution. Thanks to experienced managers and a web portal, your employees and human resources are well supported.

Key strengths


  • Outsource decisions with the Opsion Joint Pension Fund or manage your staff's pensions with the pension fund or Opsion Free
  • Select your own benefits thanks to fully customised pension plans 
  • Choose your asset allocation and asset manager with the pension fund and Opsion Free 


  • Manage your pension fund by defining the conversion rate and annual crediting rate
  • Full reinsurance of death and disability risks
  • Guaranteed competitive costs thanks to contracts negotiated with various partners


  • Support from our team of experienced advisers (actuaries, lawyers and financial experts)
  • Support for HR and insured staff by a dedicated account manager
  • A web portal is available to HR, insured employees and brokers for announcements or to view data 


  • No hidden costs, no fees for the management of pensioners or termination of the contract at maturity
  • Availability of key information to better manage your pension plan
  • A comprehensive annual management report

Open architecture for pension funds

The Opsion Collective Foundation's offer goes beyond a classic occupational pension product. Its aim is to be an open platform to allow companies, self-employed persons or associations to choose or build the solution that suits them with the help of our experts or their broker.

Growth in the number of insured persons per year since the end of 2017

Growth in the number of insured persons per year since the end of 2017


Your advantages

  • Negotiated financing with competitive risk and reinsurance coverage.
  • Optimisation of your overall asset management and administrative fees.
  • Individual adjustment of your autonomy level according to your needs.
  • Transparent communication on the strategic and financial choices affecting your pension plans.
  • Personalised support from a competent team that has been recognised in the market for over 30 years.
  • Expertise and vision of the members of the Pension Board, which ensures independence, sound governance and long-term viability to your solution.
  • High-quality management together with a web portal for your company and your insured persons.

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