Opsion Vested Benefits Foundation

The Opsion Vested Benefits Foundation was designed for pension fund holders who have a medium to long-term investment horizon.

The foundation offers only invested solutions (in financial markets, excluding savings), with a higher potential return than savings.

The pension fund holder is not entitled to a minimum interest rate or to the preservation of the pension assets paid in. In return, the potential return is higher than with savings. The investment risk is borne solely by the pension fund holder.The investor's risk profile is assessed using a risk questionnaire.

Key advantages

Insured persons

  • Choice of strategy and the possibility to change
  • Choice of a solution from the foundation, tailored to your needs
  • Invest in more efficient investments than a savings solution

Asset manager / bank

  • Benefit from the foundation's infrastructure
  • Design your own investment strategies
  • Manage and monitor the performance of your clients' portfolios
  • Set your asset management fees

Business introducer / broker

  • Take advantage of a high-performance solution and benefit from efficient digital management, as well as of the choice of investment strategies that comply with Groupe Mutuel Asset Management's (GMAM) sustainability and ethical criteria (ESG)
  • Set your remuneration with your client within a range authorised by the foundation

Depending on life circumstances, it may become necessary to open a vested benefits account

Invest so that your assets do not lie dormant.

Leaving Switzerland permanently or staying abroad for a long time

When you move abroad, it  may be necessary to transfer your vested benefits. An investment solution is an interesting way of ensuring that your assets do not remain idle.

Becoming self-employed

Self-employed persons are often not affiliated to an occupational benefits plan

Change of employer

If you change employers, it may not be possible to transfer all your assets to a new pension fund

Not affiliated to 2nd pillar insurance (LPP/BVG)

If you have worked part-time, you may be excluded from the standard occupational benefits system.


In the event of divorce, pension assets are often transferred and cannot always be paid into a pension fund.

A foundation with an open architecture

The Opsion Vested Benefits Foundation is designed to bring together asset managers and private individuals for the management of occupational pension assets.

The foundation's open architecture concept allows investment professionals interested in 2nd pillar asset management to offer their services.

A digital approach that offers five predefined investment strategies and a custodian bank defined by the foundation for vested benefits from CHF 30,000 onwards.

A tailor-made approach that offers a customised investment strategy, defined by the dedicated asset manager, as well as the choice of the custodian bank.

To qualify for this solution, the insured person must pay in vested benefits of CHF 150,000 or more.

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