I am a cross-border worker

What insurance do I need?

Cross-border workers are in a special situation with regard to health insurance in Switzerland. Find out more about cross-border workers’ rights and obligations in health insurance matters.

Obligation to be insured against illness in Switzerland

In accordance with the bilateral agreements between Switzerland and the EU/EFTA countries, cross-border workers must be insured against illness in Switzerland from the first day of work.

France, Germany, Italy and Austria: right of option

If you live in Germany, France, Italy or Austria, you have the right to choose where you wish to take out insurance: in Switzerland or in your country of residence. This is called “right of option”.

If you do not wish to be insured in Switzerland, you must submit a request for exemption from the health insurance obligation to the health insurance services of the canton you work in within three months. After this deadline, the Swiss authorities will automatically sign you up to compulsory insurance coverage.

Right of option is final. Once you choose between LAMal/KVG and the insurance of your residence country, you will not be able to reverse your decision.

  • You take up work in Switzerland again after having been unemployed in your country.
  • You quit your cross-border worker status and become a Swiss pensioner.
  • You change your residence country.

In these cases, you are allowed to exercise your right of option again. The procedure is the same than for a first-time cross-border worker.


Cross-border workers from a non EU/EFTA country

Cross-border workers from countries outside the EU/EFTA zone, as well as their family members who are not engaged in a gainful activity, are subject to Swiss insurance at their own request. The request must be made within three months following the validity start date of the “G” residence permit. After this deadline, insurance coverage will begin at the time of affiliation.

The insurance ends at the end of the activity in Switzerland, upon expiry or suspension of the “G” permit or if the insured person dies or waives the obligation to take out insurance in Switzerland.

Bilateral coverage

As a cross-border worker insured under LAMal/KVG insurance, you can undergo medical treatment in Switzerland or in your residence country. In both cases, benefits are reimbursed in accordance with the legislation of the countries where treatment is received.

Family members

All of your family members must be insured with the same health insurer as yourself.

Exceptions: if your spouse works in your residence country, he/she will also be required to take out insurance there. Persons in your household who do not work, such as your children, will then be covered by your spouse's health insurance.

Accident coverage

As a worker in Switzerland, you are insured for accidents by your employer. Therefore, you do not need to add the accident risk to your health insurance contract.
Attention: persons who do not work have to take out accident insurance with their health insurer. Remember this when signing up to the insurance!

Our recommendation

We recommend the traditional insurance model for basic health insurance. Find out more about this product by clicking on “READ MORE”.

Basic health insurance, traditional model for cross-border workers

  • Coverage of benefits in case of illness/accident under LAMal/KVG
  • Deductible:
    CHF 300 for adults
    CHF 0 for children
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