Managing health insurance for the whole family

Choosing and managing your household’s policies

When it comes to families, every member has their own healthcare needs. But the job of managing these policies tends to fall to one person. Find out how to choose the right cover for your family, organise your policies to suit your family set-up, and update them if your situation changes.

Which is the best insurance cover for your family?

There’s no one-size-fits-all policy for the whole family because each of us is different. Plus, families change over time. Children grow up, partners get together or split up, and the family circle changes as life changes. This is why, with us, each member of your family has their own insurance policy that follows them wherever life takes them.

Children, for example, have completely different healthcare needs to adults. Our specialist policies are tailor-made to ensure children are covered for their unique needs. And with our prenatal coverage, you can even take out insurance for your children before they are born.

Getting the right cover for your family means picking the perfect policy for each member. But when it comes to managing your insurance policies, you can make life easier by grouping these separate policies together.

Calculate your insurance premium for your whole family

Use our online calculator to pick a policy for each member of your family and calculate your total premium. You can get a quote, book an appointment with an adviser or take out a policy in just a few clicks.

Manage policies for each member of your family

One person pays for all policies

Grouping together your household’s policies makes life so much easier. Your whole family’s premiums will appear on a single invoice and all payouts will go into the same account. All of your documents, such as insurance certificates, will be sent out together. This means that one person can manage the entire family’s insurance.

Your Customer Area is the place to access all of your documents and manage your policies on behalf of each member of your household, including other adults.

Update your policies if your circumstances change

Has your child flown the nest or started work and no longer needs you to pay for their health cover? Have you broken up with your partner? Life doesn’t stand still, and neither should your family’s insurance policies.

In the same way that you can group your family, you can also arrange to ungroup them. Each person can then take charge of their own policy without having to change their cover.

Please do not hesitate to ask one of our advisers
to help you choose your supplemental insurance plan

Supplemental insurance allows you to cover your needs when they are not or only partially covered by the basic health insurance. Discover our range of supplemental insurance solutions and find the coverage that suits your lifestyle.


When you child is all grown up

Has your child started an apprenticeship, finished their studies, voted for the first time or begun military service? Then it’s time to update their insurance policy. All of these life changes require specific adjustments to be made to their cover.

Financial independence

When your child is ready to take over responsibility for their cover, pay their premiums themselves and manage their own claims, you will need to change the payment details for their policy. You can hand your child responsibility for their policy by submitting a family ungrouping request. Of course, we are here to support them every step of the way as they navigate their new-found independence.

Accident insurance

When starting an apprenticeship or finishing their studies, youngsters will have to consider whether they need to take out accident insurance. Up to this point, students are covered for accidents by their basic insurance. Once they enter the world of work, they will be covered by their employer’s insurance if they work for more than 8 hours per week.

As for parents, they might need to add accident insurance to their basic insurance if they go freelance, if they retire, or if one of them becomes a stay-at-home partner.

Find out more about accident insurance and read all our advice on arranging the right cover on our Cover my medical costs in the event of an accident page.

Military service

There are special requirements for your basic health insurance throughout your military or civilian service. Whenever you serve in the army, be it as part of basic training, civilian service, long service or instructing other new recruits, you will be covered by military insurance and do not need to pay your usual health insurance premiums.

Our page on Completing your civilian or military service explains how insurance works when you are called up.

Manage everything online

Our online customer area and its mobile app make it quick and easy to manage your policies.

You can view your invoices, track your payouts, check your messages and see all of your past support requests.

For families, having the whole household’s policies in one place means that you can easily keep on top of things.

And with our mobile app, you have permanent, instant access to a digital version of the insurance card for each linked policy. Visit your Customer Area and create your account or an easy way to deal with all your household admin online.

Our advisers are here to help you manage your family’s insurance policies

Fill in our form and one of our advisers will get in touch to help you find the right insurance for you and your family. You can also request personalised help with managing your household’s existing policies.

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