Answer for damage caused to a third party

Your son breaks a neighbour’s window, your dog bites the postman, you damage the smartphone of one of your acquaintances: you are responsible and must compensate for this damage.

How can you protect yourself against the financial consequences of such events?
With SelfProtect personal liability insurance. This insurance covers:

  • physical injury and material damage caused to others by your family or yourself
  • the economic consequences of such events
  • your defence against unjustified claims for damages from third parties


  • Personal liability insurance
  • Protection against the financial consequences of injury or material damage caused to a third party
  • A basic module with two levels of benefits and four options to choose from
  • “Financial defaulting of the liable person” coverage, which is unique in Switzerland: it offers protection against financial damage if the debtor is unable to meet his or her obligations.
  • Valid worldwide
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