Companies with more than 10 employees

Insurance obligations for companies

Discover the different types of insurance you must take out to protect your employees.

As a company head, you must insure your employees against various risks. We offer insurance solutions adapted to your company.

In the event of illness leading to prolonged incapacity for work, you must pay your employee a salary while awaiting the response of the disability insurance (AI/IV) or occupational benefits insurance (LPP/BVG). Check our daily allowance benefits solutions for long-term illnesses.

In the event of a workplace accident or illness, the insurance provides medical benefits, refunds expenses and pays allowances or disability pensions. Check our relevant accident insurance solutions.

Employees who receive an annual AVS/AHV salary of more than CHF 21,150 are subject to the Federal Law on Occupational benefits (LPP/BVG). Check our occupational benefits solutions.

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How can Groupe Mutuel help me to manage my employees’ absences? Thanks to our extranets, you can manage cases of incapacity for work and your occupational benefits’ contract in a simple, quick and efficient way.

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