I work abroad

What insurance do I need?

The place of residence is the criterion for determining what insurance is compulsory/necessary: do you live in Switzerland or have you moved abroad?

Residence in Switzerland

If you maintain your residence in Switzerland, the situation is clear: you remain subject to the obligation to be insured in the event of illness, accident and maternity. You must therefore keep your basic health insurance. It is possible to improve your healthcare and hospitalisation benefits by adding supplemental coverage.

Recommendation: sign up to Global smart supplemental insurance. It covers medical care and hospitalisation in Switzerland, as well as abroad in case of an emergency.

Moving abroad: two examples

  • Expatriates
    If you go abroad as an expatriate, you will no longer be subject to the compulsory health insurance in Switzerland in accordance with the Federal Law on Health Insurance (LAMal/KVG). Coverage ends when you leave Switzerland. Exceptions are made for some categories of persons who must/may remain insured in Switzerland despite living abroad.

    Recommendation: sign up to Health insurance for expatriates. This health insurance for expatriates offers full medical coverage abroad. It will also allow you to recover your health insurance with Groupe Mutuel when returning to Switzerland, without being subject to a period of non-availability or a health questionnaire.
  • Posted workers
    If your employer assigns you to another country and that its headquarters are in Switzerland, you will remain subject to the obligation to be insured in Switzerland.


Occupational benefits assets (LPP/BVG)

If you move abroad, you can or must withdraw your assets under the 2nd pillar in accordance with the country in which you reside and your work status.

In any case, ask for a recommendation and contact our Customer Services: Occupational benefits


Global smart

  • Catalogue of benefits in Switzerland and coverage abroad in the event of illness or accident
  • Three levels of healthcare and hospitalisation benefits depending on your needs
  • Emergency treatment abroad upgrade” option for insureds under level 3
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Health insurance for expatriates

Health insurance for expatriates

  • Coverage of common or emergency expenses abroad
  • Planned surgery treatments
  • Maternity expenses
  • Dental care
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