Groupe Mutuel Academy

Consolidate your knowledge in the insurance field

Train for the AFA certification exam for insurance intermediaries

Are you planning to specialise in insurance? Do you wish to develop your skills as an insurance intermediary? Would you like to obtain the AFA examination certificate for intermediaries? Groupe Mutuel Academy is the training course you need! Experts share their knowledge and prepare you for the exam.

Our training cycle is based on 12 days of training plus two days of preparation for the exams, over a period of five months.

  • insurance industry (2 days)
  • legal concepts (2 days)
  • individual and social insurance (4 days)
  • property and patrimony insurance (4 days)
  • submission of offers and revision (2 days)


  • For 12 days of training: CHF 1'800
  • For two days of revision for the exams: CHF 300

It is possible to register separately for the 12 days of training (CHF 1'800) and two days of preparation for the exams (CHF 300).

All shared meals are included in the registration fee. The amount can be paid in two or three instalments. Examination fees and the purchase of four training books are not included.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Groupe Mutuel

Rue des Cèdres 5 Case postale, 1919 Martigny    |    +41 0848.803.111