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Sound and sustainable growth

Health insurance is Groupe Mutuel’s core business. As at 1 January 2021, over 1.3 million individuals had compulsory or supplemental insurance with a member insurer of Groupe Mutuel. L’assurance Santé constitue le domaine d’activité phare du Groupe Mutuel. Au 1er janvier 2021, plus de 1,3 million de personnes possédaient une assurance-maladie obligatoire ou complémentaire auprès d’un assureur du Groupe Mutuel.

2020: a stable financial year

The turnover for the Health sector amounted to CHF 5.27 billion.
This result contributed significantly to the balanced performance of Groupe Mutuel Holding SA.

Turnover for LAMal/KVG 2020

The gross premium volume for compulsory health insurance (LAMal/KVG) was consolidated at CHF 4.12 billion. Insurance benefits amounted to CHF 4 billion and the positive surplus for LAMal/KVG insurance reached CHF 6 million, which was fully credited to the financial reserves.

Private supplemental insurance (LCA/VVG & LAA/UVG)

Private supplemental insurance offered by the two private insurance companies Groupe Mutuel Assurances GMA SA and Mutuel Assurances SA ended the year 2020 with a positive result of CHF 15 million.

Efficient cost tracking measures

Thanks to cost tracking measures, in particular for invoices, savings of CHF 564 million were made, which represents 10.4% of expenses.

Lower growth in healthcare costs

In 2020, the increase in health costs for Groupe Mutuel was estimated at 0.64% (end of February 2021). This increase was significantly less than in previous years, but it is feared that this respite for premium payers may come to an end if effective cost-containment measures are not taken.

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