Groupe Mutuel Health

Healthy and sustainable growth

Health insurance is the flagship activity of Groupe Mutuel. As of 1 January 2019, more than 1.3 million people had taken out compulsory or supplemental health insurance with an insurer from Groupe Mutuel.

Consolidating the sector and containing costs

The turnover in the Health sector increased to CHF 5.5 billion. This result is a significant contribution to the excellent performance of Groupe Mutuel Holding SA and serves to increase its reserves.

Slowdown of the increase in health costs in 2018

In 2018, health costs in Switzerland generally increased less than in recent years. The final figures are not yet known; however, the current indicators provided by santésuisse show an increase of less than 1% in 2018, whereas this was between 4 and 5% per year since the introduction of the compulsory health insurance in 1996.

Levelling of turnover under LAMal/KVG

The gross premium volume for compulsory health insurance (LAMal/KVG) levelled at CHF 4.5 billion, down slightly by 4.1%. On the other hand, insurance benefits amounted to CHF 3.9 billion and the insurance underwriting result reached CHF 349.9 million. After deduction of the result of capital investments, the positive surplus for LAMal/KVG insurance amounted to CHF 331.5 million, an amount that was credited to the reserves.

Groupe Mutuel

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