I am moving house or relocating

Insurance to adapt and take out

Relocating or moving to a new house demands lots of time and energy. Before the move itself, there will be many administrative procedures you need to complete. The better you plan your move, the easier the change will be.

Adapt your insurance

Moving house implies a change of risks. In addition to notifying your insurer of your move, consider adapting your insurance policies to your new circumstances, or take out new ones.

Standard health insurance and supplemental insurance

Your basic health premium depends on your age and place of residence. Your premium will change if you move to a different tariff zone.

If you have supplemental insurance with a different health insurance company to your basic health insurance, please notify your change of address to both your health insurers.

If you relocate abroad, you will no longer be subject to the compulsory health insurance in Switzerland in accordance with the Swiss Federal Law on Health Insurance (LAMal/KVG). Coverage ends at the time you leave Switzerland. There are exceptions applicable to certain categories of persons who must/can remain insured in Switzerland.

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Household contents

If your new home is bigger than the previous one, you will have to buy more furniture. The value of your household contents will increase. You therefore need to adapt the guaranteed amount of your insurance.

Personal liability insurance

As a tenant, you are liable for damages you cause to the housing you are renting: broken windows, water and smoke damage, general wear and tear. Personal liability insurance provides you with cover for numerous risks at a small premium.

Legal protection insurance

Protect yourself against neighbourhood disputes or legal disputes with your landlord by subscribing to legal protection insurance. You may also insure your entire home against Internet-related risks.

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