Household contents insurance

The Christmas tree catches alight causing a fire in the living room, a pipe bursts and causes water damage in your basement, a storm tears a branch from a tree, which breaks your window... Who pays the costs of the repairs? HomeProtect household contents insurance covers you in case of damage or theft.


  • You define the value of your household contents (furniture, bedding, clothes, books, appliances, sports items, including leased, rented and entrusted items).
  • The insurance covers damages caused by fire, a natural event, theft or water.
  • Compensation is limited to the total amount insured in your policy. This amount shall correspond to the amount you would have to spend to buy new household effects.
Main benefits
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  • Simplicity: two insurance options to meet your requirements.
  • Adaptability: the insurance can be extended to other causes of damage by choosing the “plus” level or an optional coverage.
  • Peace of mind: 24/7 home assistance.
Request advice
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