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Real life is all about having good insurance cover

Supplemental health insurance plans serve to enhance basic insurance benefits: they allow you, for example, to benefit from increased comfort in hospital, make use of alternative medicine treatments or cover the costs of dental treatments. Find out more about our combined coverage plans or choose a coverage plan by theme.

Supplemental insurance to suit your needs

Thanks to supplemental insurance, everyone can find the best balance between their health and their budget. Whether you're looking for an "all-in-one" combined insurance package that includes a wide range of additional healthcare services and hospital coverage, or whether you want to create your own tailor-made insurance, we have the solution for you.

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Combined insurance: hospitalisation, alternative medicine and supplemental healthcare

Combined insurance: hospitalisation, alternative medicine and supplemental healthcare

Choose one of our combined solutions for simplicity. They combine a wide range of benefits in one single product: hospitalisation, alternative medicine, medication and other supplemental healthcare.

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Supplemental health insurance and alternative medicine

Supplemental health insurance and alternative medicine

Our supplemental healthcare insurance plans cover a wide range of preventive and health support measures: alternative medicine, glasses, medication and even the cost of contraception and orthodontic treatment.

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Hospitalisation insurance

Hospitalisation insurance

For a hospital stay tailored to your needs. Whether you wish to stay in a general ward in Switzerland or in a private ward worldwide: the choice is yours. Select your level of comfort now or before each stay in hospital.

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Our insurance plans by theme

Create your own personalised supplemental insurance. Our solutions sorted by theme allow you to choose exactly the right coverage to supplement your health insurance, and depending on your needs and requirements.

Prenatal insurance

Take out insurance for your baby, without a medical questionnaire

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Insurance for allowances, pensions
and lump-sum capital amounts

To cover costs in the event of serious illness or accident

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Frequently asked questions

Supplemental insurance covers specific benefits that are not included in the basic health insurance. Supplemental insurance plans enable you to customise your coverage to suit your needs.

For example:

  • If you have vision problems, supplemental insurance that covers the costs of glasses and contact lenses will help you save money.
  • If you prefer to opt for natural medicine treatments, supplemental health insurance for alternative medicine will allow you to make use of these treatments without spending too much money.
  • If you like to travel, supplemental health insurance for travelling will ensure that you receive the best care when you are abroad and will cover the costs of repatriation to Switzerland if needed.

All of these benefits are not included in the basic health insurance, or are insufficient. Yet, they are essential to your lifestyle. This is why supplemental health insurance gives you the security you need as well as access to useful health benefits. By adding supplemental health insurance to your basic coverage, you will be able to customise your insurance contract to make it more relevant to your lifestyle and health today.

The most popular supplemental insurance is for:

  • increased comfort in hospital
  • dental care
  • glasses
  • alternative medicine

Young people are particularly interested in supplemental insurance for travel. Older people are more interested in taking out insurance for spa treatments and wellness. Health needs vary with age and supplemental health insurance serves to meet these changing needs.

By browsing through the pages of your insurance needs, you will find the full range of coverage options relevant to your circumstances. If you would like to receive personal advice, our insurance specialists are available to answer your questions, without any obligation. You can also ask to meet an adviser to discuss the topics of interest, by filling in the form to request a contact.

Thanks to supplemental insurance, everyone can find the best balance between health and budget. In order to meet the most common needs with one single insurance, we have created combined supplemental health insurance packages for you.

They work like an “all-in-one package” and allow you to choose between several types of benefits and enjoy broader coverage, while taking out only one contract. By combining several supplemental health insurance plans, we can help you close the gaps in your basic health insurance and save money. This means that you can alleviate your budget without putting your health on the back burner.

Supplemental insurance helps you to cope with life's unexpected events and to supplement basic health insurance to suit your needs. It provides:

  • more security
  • less health costs
  • easier access to the treatments you need
  • assistance in the event of a problem

While basic health insurance is a legal minimum designed to provide access to healthcare for all, it is often not sufficient to deal with every possible situation. It is therefore important to anticipate a specific health need and to assess your financial capacity to fund it.

By choosing the simple or combined supplemental health insurance that suits you best, you will have more peace of mind and will be able to enjoy life without worrying about any financial problems because of your health.

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