I am a student or am entering professional life

There are specific needs when it comes to studies or a new job

Are you are starting your studies or entering professional life? You have just left the family home. Your studies or work are taking up lots of your time. Yet you have loads of energy and are always on the go: travel, holidays, leisure activities, adventures, etc.

Young and dynamic

Because you are young and dynamic, your insurance needs are different to other groups of insured persons. We therefore offer health coverage adapted to your budget and lifestyle.

Our recommendations

To be well insured, we advise you to

  1. select a basic (compulsory) insurance model in accordance with the Swiss Federal Law on Health Insurance (LAMal/KVG)
  2. save on premiums by:
    - opting for an alternative model
    - increasing your deductible by up to CHF 2'500
  3. include accident risk in the basic coverage if you are not employed
  4. verify your coverage against workplace and/or private accidents if you are employed
  5. Reminder: if you work more than eight hours per week, you are automatically covered against workplace and private accidents by your employer’s accident insurance (under the Swiss Federal Law on Accident Insurance – LAA/UVG). If you work fewer than eight hours per week, your employer will insure you against workplace accidents only.
  6. complete your compulsory coverage by adding supplemental insurance in accordance with your needs
  7. subscribe to a life insurance scheme to begin saving as soon as you receive your first salary.

Discover our recommended insurance schemes in the fields of basic health insurance, supplemental insurance and life insurance.

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