Companies with less than 10 employees

Insurance obligations for small businesses

Discover the different types of insurance you must take out to protect your employees.

As a company head, you must insure your employees against various risks. We offer insurance solutions adapted to your company.

  • In the event of illness leading to prolonged incapacity for work, you must pay your employee a salary while awaiting the response of the disability insurance (AI/IV) or occupational benefits insurance (LPP/BVG). Check our daily allowance benefits solutions for long-term illnesses.
  • In the event of a workplace accident or illness, the insurance provides medical benefits, refunds expenses and pays allowances or disability pensions. Check our accident insurance solutions.
  • Employees who receive an annual AVS/AHV salary of more than CHF 21,150 are subject to the Federal Law on Occupational benefits (LPP/BVG). Check our occupational benefits solutions.

Why is Groupe Mutuel in the best position to insure my company? The answer is here!

How do I report an accident or illness easily? By completing the notification form or by using the online notification tool.

How can I quickly receive an offer for my company? I enquire without any obligation!

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