Compulsory accident insurance under LAA/UVG

Protection against the consequences of accidents

The Swiss law on accident insurance (LAA/UVG) obliges you, as an employer, to insure your employees against the consequences of accidents and workplace illnesses. Our solution covers the benefits provided by law. Find out more about our offer and, if necessary, supplement it with additional coverage.


  • Compulsory insurance covers your employees against the financial consequences of workplace accidents and illnesses, as well as for non-workplace accidents.
  • The insurance pays the benefits provided under the Swiss Federal Law on Accident Insurance (LAA/UVG).
Main benefits

Daily allowance

  • Risks covered
    • Workplace accidents
    • Workplace illnesses
    • Non-workplace accidents (for employees who work at least eight hours a week for your company)
  • Level
    • 80% coverage from the 3rd day after the accident
    • Maximum insurable salary: CHF 148,200 per person and per year
  • Start of coverage
  • The day the employee starts or should have started work
  • End of coverage
  • As a rule at the end of the 31st day following the end of the employment relationship

Benefits in the event of disability or death

  • Disability/death
  • Payment of disability or survivors' pensions
  • Loss of integrity and disability
  • Indemnity for loss of integrity and invalidity allowance

Treatment expenses

  • Outpatient treatment
    • Outpatient treatment by a doctor or dentist, or on prescription of the latter
    • Medication, tests
  • Hospitalisation
  • Treatment in hospital, room and board in a general ward
  • Transport, travel and rescue costs
  • To the extent that such transport is necessary
  • Medical aids and appliances
  • Medical aids and appliances to compensate for bodily injury or loss of function


  • Assistance benefits in the event of an accident in Switzerland or abroad
    • Groupe Mutuel Assistance included free of charge
    • Immediate assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Extension of insurance coverage

  • Legality: you fulfil your legal obligations in terms of accident insurance for your employees.
  • Safety: you protect your employees and your company against the financial consequences of accidents.
  • Complementarity: you can extend the compulsory LAA/UVG coverage by combining it with supplemental accident insurance.

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Frequently asked questions

You should immediately inform your line manager or your human resources department. They will then inform your insurer. Doing so quickly will prevent you being sent service provider invoices to your home.

The daily allowance corresponds to 80% of loss of income, payable from the 3rd day following the accident. It takes into account 13th-month pay and any family allowances. The annual income obtained is divided by 365 days and the benefit is calculated on an 80% basis.

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