Our commitment to innovation and economy

We support those who are creating tomorrow’s world


A FemTech community and a start-up acceleration program for companies developing innovative solutions to improve technologies relating to women’s health.

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Find out more about our partners: professional associations and chambers of commerce. Together, we are working to sustain and develop our country’s economy.

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ESG investments

Groupe Mutuel is committed to managing its assets efficiently while at the same time investing in a sustainable and fair economy. As a result, it has drawn up and approved an ESG Charter.

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Our customers are at the heart of our innovation approach. We use new technologies to facilitate access to our services and improve their quality. Innovation also allows us to make our processes faster and more secure.

With this in mind, we also support companies, events and professional associations that are making a difference in the Swiss economy, through their innovative approach.

Groupe Mutuel

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