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Groupe Mutuel innovates for you.

Groupe Mutuel is constantly seeking to improve its services and make life easier for its clients. In this regard, Groupe Mutuel’s digital transformation plays a major role, both for employees and customers.

A new way to experience health insurance

GMnet and GMapp were designed to satisfy your current needs.
Thanks to GMnet, you have easy and direct access to the information relating to your contract and that of your family members. The online platform allows you to view and manage your contract from A to Z, as well as to send us any documents, all in a few clicks.
As for the GMapp mobile application, it allows you to access your account anywhere and at any time.


Gloria Bellonia
Gloria Bellonia

“GMapp is a very practical application that allows you to access all documents in the easiest way possible. Questions are answered very quickly. And sending invoices directly saves time.

Andrea et Michael Blatter Andrea et Michael Blatter
Andrea et Michael Blatter

"With GMnet, you save paper and you can find everything very quickly.” Deductibles, co-insurance amounts and benefit statements can be viewed at a glance. The homepage is very convenient and I appreciate to be able to submit invoices directly."

Angélique Berguerand
Angélique Berguerand

"The whole family uses GMapp. Now I only use my smartphone, including for sending invoices. I also noticed that we are reimbursed even faster in this way. If I am looking for something, I activate the application and quickly find what I am looking for.”

Tobias Gamisch
Tobias Gamisch

"I registered to GMnet because I wanted to save myself the entire mail process and reduce paper consumption. And thanks to GMnet, processes are faster."

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