Corporate Health Management (CHM)

Employee health, company performance

Corporate Health Management (CHM) is a set of measures designed to protect and promote the health of your employees because their well-being is key to your company’s success. Our 200 CHM specialists are available everywhere in Switzerland to help you promote your employees’ health.

CHM – a structured programme

Corporate Health Management is based on three pillars: health promotion, risk prevention and absence management. Each pillar includes a range of measures and tools designed to support your employees’ health.

Corporate Health Management is structured around two areas of support


Support and definition of a strategy to improve health within your company

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Advice, coordination and follow-up to promote your employees’ health and their return to work

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  • Reduction of absences and their related costs
  • Enhanced well-being at work and improved performance
  • Recruitment and retention of talent
  • Positioning as an attractive employer
  • Positive image of your company
  • Over 20 years’ experience in CHM
  • A benchmark in health and pensions
  • In-house Case Management and Care Management
  • A pool of qualified specialists in early detection and absence management
  • Partnerships with CHM experts
  • Active and integrated management of incapacity for work
  • Access to high-performance tools

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