Activity reports

You can find here the various activity reports of Groupe Mutuel our pension funds and the member health insurers of Groupe Mutuel.

Activity Report 2019

“The 2019 financial results are very positive and allow us to redistribute an amount of CHF 100 million to our policyholders. In this time of pandemic and crisis, a positive financial result as well as solid reserves are a token of security for the entire Swiss health system and for our insured persons. Sound finances make it possible for us to strengthen the company’s positioning. Whereas reserves must comply with legal requirements and allow us to meet our financial commitments in case of exceptional events such as the COVID-19”, explained Thomas Boyer, CEO of Groupe Mutuel.


Activity Report 2019 - PDF (5 MB)

Member health insurers of Groupe Mutuel

Annual reports 2019 (only in French)

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