I am single or in a couple

What insurance do I need?

Do you live alone or in a couple? Are you young or older? Do you have children or not? Do you build your life step by step or very quickly? No matter what your rhythm of life or lifestyle, your path is an individual one. 

The ideal coverage: the one that suits you best

There is no such thing as universal health coverage. The optimal coverage for you is the one that suits your personal situation best: age, family, income, lifestyle, expectations, etc.

Compose your own coverage

  1. Begin by determining your situation and needs.
  2. Browse through our range of health coverage (basic and supplemental insurance) and life insurance schemes.
  3. Choose the ones that suit you best.

Our recommendations

To protect yourself fully against life’s misfortunes and enjoy the best benefits possible, we recommend you take out the following insurance:

  • basic (compulsory) health insurance
  • supplemental insurance for broader coverage
  • life insurance.

Discover our recommended solutions for single people or people in a couple in the fields of health insurance and life insurance.

Life insurance

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